Saturday, 12 February 2011

Teo Jasmin Baroque Sofa

Angeline Bailly, the creator of French studio Teo Jasmin, uses cutting edge digital printing and technology to print beautiful and conceptual photos and art works on cushions, wallpapers and some furniture pieces. Baroque chairs and sofas are some of that pieces that could attract much more attention than other.

Their backs are decorated with pictures of San Francisco and New York, scenes of Italy, French superstar Bridget Bardot, Doggy Queen, image of Japanese geishas and tea ceremony, the Beatles and so on. There are as dining as lounge chairs and sofas available in various colors. Combination of art images with Baroque design creates really elegant piece of decor which would fit almost any interior.


Anonymous said...

wow, i want that sofa!!

Meritxell said...

OH so original!!!! I like it!!


Anonymous said...

They have such fun decor and furniture.