Monday, 9 August 2010

Wanted: Multifunction P.A.

Artisan: Timothy Oulton

An easy way to bring your work with you is Mayfair Steamer Secretary Trunk (for only $2,995), this work of art on wheels was created by Timothy Oulton. Handmade of distressed vintage cigar leather over a solid wood frame with aniline-dyed leather has an antiqued vintage look accented with over 3,000 hand-hammered brass nailheads. Features a pull-down desktop and multiple drawers, cubbies, wire management and bookshelves, stands on wheels for mobility and closes for storage and privacy.


Reyna♥ said...

I like it!(:

Banhannas said...

A mobile desk?! How brillant! The concept is so adorable, it reminds me of a grown up version of a doll house. =0D I'm not that knowledgeable with furniture but I do believe a 3,000 dollar desk is a bit steep. It is definitely eye candy though.

Fé... said...

Yeap, it's more like a dream gadget :p We don't actually buy these kinds of stuffs, do we?