Sunday, 29 August 2010

Happy Thought.

I love holding hands with someone I love.
I love feeling happy because of thoughts of you.
I love finding people who instantly make you smile without knowing it.
I love hugs and caresses.
I love hearing the words "I miss you".

I love Starbucks green tea latte with a good read.
I love strawberry short cakes, and everything sweet.
I love french fries and potato chips.

I love long walks with nice conversations.
I love hanging out with my girls, but I love guy friends too.
I love watching the sunset in silence with someone nice.

I love classic movies.
I love singing in my bedroom and screaming at the top of my lungs too, sometimes.
I love hot showers late at night, plus a little mani-pedi.
I love the air at five in the morning.

Most of all, I love everything about you.
{Well, minus some of your obnoxious behavior.}