Saturday, 28 August 2010

a Day in the Life of Natasha Poly

Natasha Poly doesn't do modeling just for fun -she is a career woman with a grueling schedule. With three five a.m. starts during London Fashion Week, she squeezed this interview in between her last catwalk show in London and her flight to Milan for the next round of shows. Landing at eight p.m., she said she may even have a casting upon arrival.

With New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks following on from one another, it is a non-stop round of castings, auditions and catwalk shows for the newcomer. After that whirlwind comes to an end, she will do shoots for magazines and campaigns and model in one-off shows.

Natasha laughed at the idea that models may be ferried by taxi from one venue to another during fashion week -instead they hop on the underground and hope navigation skills won't fail them.

With fashion shows more often than not running late, it is a mad rush to get models' hair and makeup styled before the show. "It's crazy backstage, with hair and makeup, especially because my hair is different to most other models', sometimes it's really difficult for them to do it."


Anonymous said...

great post!!

The Girlie Blog said...

Beautiful collection!

Lily said...

that's insane~ and she's managed to survive all these haha


Fé... said...

Well, apparently it's not just about the face right, Lily? Tons of hardwork included :p