Wednesday, 29 June 2011

a Grand Affair

Natalia Vodianova met Justin Portman, a British property heir, former artist and chess organizer at a Paris dinner in 2001. They married in November 2001 when she was eight months pregnant. In September 2002, over nine months after registering the marriage in the UK, they had a wedding ceremony in St. Petersburg, where Vodianova wore a dress designed by Tom Ford.

The couple have three children: sons Lucas Alexander (born 22 November 2001) and Viktor (born 13 September 2007), and daughter Neva (born 24 March 2006). Viktor is named after Vodianova's grandfather, who had helped raise her after her father's departure. Neva is named after the Russian river Neva.

They separated from February 2010, Vodianova and Portman announced their final separation in June 2011.

What a shame...

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