Friday, 24 June 2011

pureDKNY, pure good will

The pureDKNY -the environmentally conscious fragrance from DKNY, takes small steps to make a big difference.

A drop of vanilla sourced from Africa, a drop of goodwill. The fragrance bottle is 100% recyclable, the box is biodegradable and for every tree used in the packaging, a tree is planted in its place. DKNY Fragrances is donating 10% of the proceeds to CARE, to help fight poverty in Uganda, where the fragrance’s key vanilla ingredient is sourced.

Here's a nick of interview with Angela Lindvall -the face behind Donna Karan's new fragrance, plus some beautiful and candid behind-the-scenes shots from the pureDKNY advertising campaign which she stars with her adorable son, Sebastian.

How did you feel when you were asked to be the face of pureDKNY?
I am so honoured to be the face of pureDKNY. It feels great to represent something I truly believe in.

What do you like about the fragrance?
Besides being an amazing pure smell of natural oils, I like the fact that the brand has made responsible decisions as a company while launching this new product. The vanilla is harvested in Uganda, which helps support the nation of Uganda and biodegradable plastics and recycled papers are used in the packaging as well. Mostly, I like what the campaign represents, which is all the little moments in life that make life special - the pure moments and relationships in our lives.

Who do you think the pureDKNY woman is?
A strong multi-dimensional woman. A woman who is confident in herself and sets trends, not follows them.

What did you enjoy the most when shooting the advertising campaign?
I love all the DKNY team, Nathaniel Goldburg, and being with my son was a plus. It was very easy going, you wouldn't have even known it was a job - it was more capturing pure moments.

What was it like having your son Sebastian feature in one of the campaigns? And your partner also?
My partner was just there to help with Sebastian and ended up getting booked on the job, so he was super excited. Sebastian and I just hung together and without even knowing we had our picture captured. We all had a really fun trip to NYC.

How was the pureDKNY campaign different from all the other work you’ve done with DKNY?
This was very raw in the sense of the style. It wasn't so much about clothes, but more about a feeling. It was very intimate. This also represents something much bigger and a message that is much needed in the world in which we live today.

Was it important to you that this fragrance supports environmental sustainability?
Absolutely. The industrial revolution opened a lot of opportunities in the past, but those ways are no longer sufficient and sustainable to evolution. There are new ways to do things. But, it is necessary to implement them into existing structures and procedures. I’m very proud that pureDKNY has made these steps and I’m also proud to be a part of it.


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I've never heard of DKNY before, but I'm glad that it's environmentally concious. I used to be against all this pop culture making the 'Go Green' movement popular, because it seemed so flimsy thin, but as I've aged I've decided that as long as SOMEONE is learning and SOMEONE is taking action, it's better than no one.

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