Monday, 5 April 2010


I may still be uncertain
of what I am going to be in the future,
but I do know that someday:

I want to live in a place
filled with my books and travel souvenirs.
And the walls will be covered with
photos of my family and friends.

When I leave the house,
I will be going to a job I love
and I'll return to a person I love,
with a bunch of little kids.

So that's the dream I'm working on...


sanchez said...

I think that's a lot of peoples dreams.

Or well at least mine :D

p.s. that shoot is so adorable.

Fé... said...

Well, I wasn't one of them Sanchez. I used to think that career is above all, and what's a family compared to being on top of the world and owning everything? Only recently that I realized that fame and power and all vanity in life is so futile; and life can pass away very easily without meaning. What's making it meaningful is spending it with the ones you love and give an eternal impact on their lives; that's giving out all of you to them :)

Jenny Cindy said...

Lovely editorial.
Thank you so much for leaving all those lovely comments on my blog. =)