Friday, 9 April 2010

# Carine Roitfeld

Among too many people in the fashion industry, one or two persona really stands out in the crowd:

I like to wear high heels with sweat pants,
to wear white shoes in the middle of winter.
I love when things are not going quite together.
Even when I'm old, I will dress like that.

Sometimes, when you go to the airport and look at people,
you see the worst looks.
But the worst looks can give you more ideas than the best looks.
-Carine Roitfeld

Carine, 53, has always been a charismatic Parisian in every detail of her life. She has immaculate taste, and she is beyond unconventional in her thinking. With some principles such the like as: a preference for the “now” rather than the “new,” a preference for imperfection rather than so-called good taste and an attitude driven by intuition rather than reason. Most of all, she has an innate ability to mix street culture and society, always avoiding the caricatures that can define both worlds and always recognizing the mix of both worlds as the only catalyst of energy and creativity.

Now the editor in chief of French Vogue, she is influential almost without knowing it. By choosing influence over power, she has an effortless credibility. Her definition of fashion is clearly hedonistic, embracing fashion’s immediacy but with a broad cultural vision that puts everything in perspective. She has always been fully committed to fashion and also gracious to all. She plays by her own refreshing rules, not by the kindergarten politics that often governs the business.


Anna said...

"Always be true to yourself. Don't give a f*** what people say about you!"
i wish i thought more like this!! so important to remember, yet i forget it so often! thank you for that!

also, thanks for the kind comments, it made me smile! & it was a much needed smile!!


CL, said...

ooh i love julia :) great post, "Always be true to yourself. Don't give a f*** what people say about you!" and great quote!