Saturday, 29 January 2011

Kate Bosworth & 3.1 Philip Lim

Kate Bosworth and Philip Lim are like match made in heaven. She has the careless elegance and natural beauty and he brings the youthful sophistication. As the brand expands, Kate would be a great face for the label's advertising.

The ruffles on this dress could have easily looked vulgar if it wasn't for the simple shape and chic color palette. And Kate acessorizes like a pro. Simple and Beautiful.

You know, you hear about celebrities being environmental activists, but to see it seals the deal.
We love Kate Bosworth; she's so cute and her style is ever evolving. We were super excited when we found out she was going to co-host this year's Gorgeous and Green benefit in San Francisco.


Pop Champagne said...

kate bosworth is always so put together! love the dress she's got on!

Anonymous said...

I adore her two different colour iris!