Wednesday, 10 November 2010

Meet Me at the Corner

I remember the corner.

The corner of your color.
The corner of your smile.

The corner where we kissed.
The street corners turning into the corners of the corridor.
Into the corners of the room where we lay.

The corners of your mouth, of your eyes.
The corners of words we didn't finish.
The corner of your name.

On the corner where we parted.
I remember the corner.


julianne. said...

awe this was darling.
so romantic and loveeey.
beautiful pictures.<3

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

I love the line, "the corner of your smile!"

Sweet and sexy all around! :)

Liesl :)

Anonymous said...


MarchMusings said...

Great looking couple and pics

and flowers pick themselves said...

LOVE the bottom left photo. gorgeous!

xo Alison

My name is Chloé said...

Those pics are awesome sweetie !

Lots of love from France
♥ Chloé

margg. said...

this is so beautiful.

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Fe,

Hope something nice is around the corner for you, dear friend.
Love this post and photos.

Happy weekend

cathy. said...

I love this editorial. So cute :)


Anonymous said...

love this, the models are beautiful .

sanchez said...

i wish a lot that i could forget those corners.
i really do.

x_mery_x said...

Hey please vote me!!! thanksss

magdalena said...

those pics are soooo pretty!!make me want to fall in love!!


So beautiful, sweetie! All of it! Thx for your sweet comment today :) Have a fabulous start of the week, love! xoxo


super aş love love:)blog beatiful.thank you.kısses

Fé... said...

Yeah Liesl, me too. Subtle, yet possibly the most beautiful part of a human being. Well, that's what I think :)

Well, maybe Sanchez honey, just maybe, those corners are not meant to be forgotten. Why fight the fate? :)

It would be my pleasure Mery, but first of all, vote for what? Hahaha.

You're very welcome, Dawn sweetheart. The pleasure's all mine actually :) You've shared so much beauty to brighten my days!