Sunday, 13 June 2010

{The Next Vest Thing}

Denim is going to be everywhere spring / summer 2010. The denim vest trend just keeps showing itself off whenever the warmer months peeks around the corner. But that's because it looks so darn cute yet cool and casual with your summer dress, black pants or just a plain tee or tank top!

On the spotlight, there's this 80s-looking vest that basically resembles a denim jacket with the arms cut off. Its shape is boxier and bit looser. It's a great casual piece for the summer. Try them with a looser fit flowery top or short dress. Style this look with middle part for hair and a flowy, natural hairstyle. Think Alanis Morisette a la Jagged Little Pill.

The '80s staple make a stylish comeback on Ashley Tisdale, Kate Bosworth and Sienna Miller.

Picture via People Magazine


Kasia said...

I love how Kate looks!

Melissa said...

i love sienna miller! greta post :)
thanks for your comment :D

Anonymous said...

they all look so great!

rebecca said...

I really like this look, and I don't think it's too difficult to achieve!

beeble said...

i love denim vests. i especially want a waterfall denim gillet, for music festivals in the summer- comfortable and edgey style (:

Ken said...

i'm not a fan of the denim vest thing, something american white trash about it.

keke i already fell for her

Anonymous said...

Fe dear. I hope you are having a great weekend.
I have so many vests, but I have not found a denim one that looks good on me..haha.

Yes, my last post was a conversation between me and my friend.
All my love.



Oh yes I love it! It's perfect with a little summer dress. So perfect! Thanks for you sweet comment today sweetie. You made my day :) Hope you had a wonderful weekend, honey! xoxo

Ebony said...

Love this, made me want to dig my denim waistcoat out of the closet... x

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Fe,

A denim vest is always a great little piece of clothing and looks great with most clothes.

Happy week

libys11 said...

i do own a denim vest and i just cant figure out how to style it. it's been sitting in my closet for awhile.. thanks for sharing these photos! gives me an idea how to work with my vest! :D

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claulovesfashion♥ said...

THANKS 4 follow me!! >:-D



J. said...

Love this idea...I have some tops that instead of getting rid of would look nice layered like this...great idea!

Valen-CIA said...

huaaa. the rightest pic is the best !

Fé... said...

What an interesting perspective, Ken. Cool! But I still can't live without denim. I somehow think it's sexy.

Hahaha. You should keep searching, Tywo dearie. You'll eventually find one I believe :p