Wednesday, 19 May 2010

I desperately want to post...

But I'm kinda tied up:
Cramped in the absurdly crowded Hong Kong's MTR.
I don't think I'll be able to get anywhere near a computer till Sunday.
Please miss me!

Pictures via Angeline Melin


Sarah Klassen said...

I do miss you! Very much! :)


lucky you, wish i was in hong kong
p.s: i will be missing you and your amazing post

blue said...

are you in HK feb?
ahhhh :) welcome ^^
but am going back to sby tmrw ><
wish could meet u here ><

Tangerine Fairy said...

Have fin Hong Kong fe! See you soon..:)

Draffin Bears said...

Hi Fe,

Take care, and I look forward to your return.
Life does get busy sometimes.

Enjoy the rest of the week

sanchez said...

I miss you!

and you just went away too!

Also I'm holding a competition to be apart of We Just Don't Know You Yet. You should check it out because you know, you write so lovely.


awwww i'm gonna miss you so much fé :( do come back soon! can't wait for more of your gorgeous, inspiring posts sweetie!

pilcuis said...

great illustration!!!

Anonymous said...

I'll miss you.

You are way too nice, and lovely.
Thanks for the amazing comments.
I loved them.


Dustjacket Attic said...

Hello, I do hope you get some time ... the illustration is funny.

Thank you so much for your lovely comment, take care.
xoxo DJ

Faboulista said...

no worries! i know how hard it is sometime to post sometimes. u will defintly be missed.

jak said...

LOL! That's what i felt lately...the image is funny, Feb

Fé... said...

I just heart you, Sarah :) Your comment is heart warming.

Hahahaha. I know Nek. Hong Kong's so much fun!

Blue!!!We always slip off each other! Hahaha. We REALLY should meet in Hong Kong! I'm going back every month, dearie. Would contact you, yah...

Aaaww, that's one interesting news I would be looking forward to, Sanchez! Being a part of your beautiful blog would be fabulous!

And to all of you dearest who's sweet enough to stick around and stand by me, I heart you all, beyond words!