Monday, 5 July 2010

On Hold.

Somehow I am lost for words, for you, me and us.
Days grow shorter and my patience longer.
And I crave a dark room and a candle to waste time in.

Will you come to me now?
Is the moment right and the time now?
Will I ask these questions until age has ravaged me?

For now I sit and I breathe what I can of you.
And I burn your face into my mind.

I am not yet taken, but waiting.
And my heart is on hold
-when you are ready.

Courtesy of Being Brazen.



awww, what a lovely post! such sweet words <3

AH said...

beautiful post sweetie!

Her name was Lola said...

Is this your own poetry, Fe? It's positively breath-taking. So, so beautiful!

Sovina said...

this is beautifully written..:)

Samira said...

Oh that's not only a beautiful post but also a pretty picture


Being Brazen said...

you posted my poem. I feel very flattered. :) Thanks for the mention.


Fé... said...

No Lola darling, unfortunately I'm not the talented poet this time. It's courtesy of an amazing girl of Being Brazen. You should check out her blog, she's just fantastic!

The pleasure's all mine, Being Brazen sweetheart. Thanks a lot for letting me "steal" this beautiful piece...