Wednesday, 24 February 2010


Dear oh dear, I can't sleep again.
Insomnia attack.
Too many bubbles in my head.

The sound of the clock in my room ticking.
The occasional engine roam from the road outside.
The chill of the night.
The dusky light of my bed-side lamp.

War and Peace and a dictionary.
Michael Buble's singing in the background.
Another midnight-date with my dear Heineken.


Olivia Liem said...

Oh dear, I know how you feel. I'm not insomniac, but there was this once, I had too much coffee for a day (one of my first times having coffee), and I can't sleep almost the whole night. Terrible.

I've heard one of my mom's friend (she's an insomniac, a serious one) went to some kind of a traditional massage, and apparently it worked. You might want to ask around on this. Or I can help you to find out, ok dear..Let me know..

haircutting in high heels said...

hmm.. a very similar situation I have been having too! currently noticing less time on the computer helps a few hours before bedtime, oops that means now!
Love your blog!

juicy j said...

these pictures are so cool.

this may sound lame but deep breathing really help me. also like relaxation stuff like trying to relax your whooollle body like a piece at a time. and then i usually like try to like think about like a scenario or like repeat something like a prayer over and over until you get way sleepy. oh and i always take one tylenol pm like without the medicine for pain in it. that stuff knocks me out cold.
i dunno kindof weird stuff but maybe itll help! i can never ever sleep at someone else's house. i totally suck at sleepovers so i have a lot of trouble when i do. so i know that awful feeling.
ok done rating.
i really hope it works hun!

April said...

I just concentrate on my breathing and that's it. Just think breathe in, breathe out over and over again.

bee said...

are there too many thoughts burden your mind, fe? release them into God's hands :) share them with a friend whom u can trust the most.

Sasha b. said...

these pics are so cute.. i LOVE coffee.. im becoming an addict. hehe. and i bet glasses would look great on you! You just gotta find the right pair for your face!! :)

sanchez said...

Oh thats horrible to hear. I've been finding it harder and harder to fall asleep.

But really I'm just incredibly nervous and worried.

Iva said...

Happy Friday and Happy Vday ;) Have a great weekend!!

Anna said...

That's terrible :(
I've never personally had insomnia before. I really do hope you'll be able to get much needed sleep soon.

Fé... said...

Thanks for all the sweet advices, dearies. You're the best!!!