Monday, 29 June 2009

I Got Over You.

I waited now for my lover's return;
eager to disburden my mind,
to seek of him the solution of the agitation,
that had robbed me of my tranquility.

I said, "I will stay by the window-casement:
it is moonlight at intervals; I can see a good way of the road.
He may be coming now,
and to meet him will save some minutes of suspense.

Moments after moments were wasted.
How many times had the clock struck, I could not recall.
A puerile tear dimmed my eye while I looked
-a tear of desperation and disappointment;
ashamed of it, I wiped it away.

I lingered;
though the moon shut herself wholly within her chamber,
and drew close her curtain of dense cloud:
the night grew dark; rain driving fast on the gale.

But the road...
as far as I could see, to the right hand and the left,
was all still and solitary: save for the shadows of clouds crossing it at intervals as the moon looked out.
It was but a long, pale line, unvaried by one moving speck.

I thought that you were on the road, my love.
I was to follow the windings of the unknown road, should I?
I was to strain every nerve to reach you, should I?
I was to make effort on effort to utter your name
and entreat you to stop, should I?

Should I, when total obscurity environed me,
rain pelted me and I was heavily burdened?
Should I, when my movements were but fettered,
my voice died away inarticulate?
While you, I felt, withdrew farther and farther every moment.

I continued the wish to be with you, should I?


jak said...

u know what...once, i've written a literature in saltnlights and i remembered my friend commented that i used the high level english..i knew i didn't.

This is the real high level english...Hahahaa...ur english is amazing Feb.. ilke the literature too.

"momment after momments were wasted; how many times had the clock struck, i could not recall"

like this part.

this post reminds me the lyrics of Coldplay songs, "Fix You"

Nefo said...

sep...for who feb ??nice literature pren ^^b

Fé... said...

Jak, my head's swollen twice its size already. Complement accepted though. LOL. Need some self-esteem boost up lately. Btw, I'm into Coldplay! Wonderful songs, especially "Fix You".

Fo!!!!! You knew who already!!!! Stop making a fool of me!!!

jak said...

The lyrics of 'Fix You' always make me almost cry lol